Private Classes in your Home or Office

Our Company strives to satisfy our customers in any way they prefer which means that we organize and teach classes in a place convenient to you, either at your home or office. Our flexibility allows you to optimize resources, in addition to enjoying the services of high quality instruction within reach. We understand that circumstances change and the need to cancel or reschedule classes is something that happens. This is not a problem for us, whereas, we will comply you’re your desires and re-schedule your class when needed.

Businesses and Executives

The English Solution Pro currently offers programs for universities, schools, and corporations.

What do we offer?

We follow the common European framework of education starting from principiante (A1) to the advanced level (C2). We offer specialized courses in general English, Business English, Technical English, Financial English as well as a variety of other fields. We will train the staff of your company through all available levels offered. If your company is interested in learning more about our courses, we will be happy to come to speak with you about your needs as well as to present a proposal. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, especially in the business sector.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility, especially in the business sector. We understand the demanding pace of management and administration so it is our goal to always accommodate your schedule.


Who is it for?

Management, administration, student services, and Universities.

Our goal:

to increase the general level of understanding of the English language to the management and staff.

What do we offer?

For students, we offer exam preparation for International tests: TOEFL AND IELTS as well as the Cambridge tests, KET, PET, FCE, AND CAE. We offer SAT and ACT test preparation for those entering into Universities in the United States. We offer group and private classes to staff members and to management.

Our classes are always small to maintain a higher quality of instruction.


To improve the capacity of the English language to all those who want to learn. To improve the level of English to the administration of international networks for the University and also to improve the quality of English that the University currently offers its students.


Who is it for?

For the students, teachers, and staff members.

Our goal:

Our Company provides trained, qualified teachers to schools to teach and train teachers and administrators. We are also a resource for tutoring students who need help to pass the exams.


Who is it for?

All children from ages 3 to 17.

Why is it important?

Teaching a second language trains and prepares children be better prepared for the rapidly globalizing world and gives them a stronger chance in the competitive job markets.

Immersion Courses

What is immersion?

Immersion courses are strict methodologies of teaching which involves ONLY USING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE from the basic level (A1) until the end of the advanced level (C2) This method is intense and requires a lot of patience and determination from the students.

Benefits: This is the fastest way to learn a language.


Why do we offer French?

In Colombia, French is a very important language to learn but is only taught by a few institutions.
Our company offers the option of taking a full course in French.